Show and Theater Guide

Show                                         Theater                                                    Dates

Master Class                             Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma                       Sept 15-Oct 3
Pride and Prejudice                  Oklahoma Shakespeare                             Sept 16-Oct 3
My Fair Lady                            OKC Broadway                                        Sept 28-Oct 3
Theatre Crude Fringe Festival                                                                    Oct 1-10
Dracula                                     Pollard Theatre Company                         Oct 8-30
Charlie and the Chocolate
                                     OKC Broadway                                        Oct 26-31
Macbeth                                    Oklahoma Shakespeare                            Oct 28-Nov 4
A Christmas Carol                    Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma                      Nov 17-Dec 23
It’s a Wonderful Life: A
Live Radio Play                        Pollard Theatre Company                         Nov 26-Dec 23
Mean Girls                               OKC Broadway                                         Dec 28-Jan 2

Dear Evan Hansen                   OKC Broadway                                        Jan 11-16
Oklahoma!                                OKC Broadway                                        Jan 25-30
Heartbreak Hotel: A Musical
                                         Pollard Theatre Company                        Feb 4-12
You’re a Good Man,
Charlie Brown
                          Pollard Theatre Company                         Mar 4-26
Puffs, of Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School
of Magic and Magic
                  Pollard Theatre Company                        May 6-28

Disney’s The Lion King            OKC Broadway                                        May 10-29
Cross, Rags & Young                Pollard Theatre Company                         June 24-25

Pretty Woman: The Musical     OKC Broadway                                        August 16-21

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